Of course there are a million designers to choose from (it's the Bay Area, for Pete’s sake).
But here's what makes Acme Graphics just a little different from the pack. You get founder and creative director Kara Adanalian, a versatile and veteran graphic designer who maneuvers web projects just as easily as print, works happily on any size project, and creates clean, distinctive design reflecting her passion for typography. She is also a wizard at making magic happen with Photoshop and partners with a skilled writer, web builder and photographer when you need full-service.
Need someone to team up with your in-house marketing and/or design departments? She loves collaborating. Now working from a home-based location in the Sonoma wine country she proudly boasts recognized wine labeling projects. And will always bend backwards to meet your budget and your deadline.
Kara thinks outside . . . and more importantly, inside the box to reflect and elevate your brand. When she’s not at her desk with her MacBook Pro, she enters (and wins!) cooking contests regularly. Her love of food and all things culinary drive her to shamelessly take on food projects for peanuts, literally.
Contact Kara to discuss your next design project or brainstorm your latest food fantasy.
(808) 640-4914 toll-free  |  kara@acmegraphics.net
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